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Since 1983, AGL has had an active career as a concert artist in the field of classical music in Italy and abroad, appearing as both a soloist and occasional orchestral player. It is, however, above all the subtle elegance and intimacy of chamber music that offers the ideal dimension for her own musical sensibilities. She particularly loves to create thematic programs for her concerts. Examples include the one dedicated to French music from the early 20th century with the pianist António Teves (recorded for the RTP-A, television of Portugal in 1998 and frequently rebroadcast on Portuguese television), or the concert La flûte est un oiseau rebelle, consisting of compositions from various periods which associate the sound of the flute to the songs of birds.

She has collaborated regularly in duo with piano (with the pianists Vincenzo Defilpo,António Teves, Irina Semionova, Galina Bolkhovitinova, Tatiana Malguiná, Natalia Kanarioukova, Simonetta Tancredi), organ and harpsichord  (with Ana Paula Andrade, Cristiana Spadaro), guitar (with Luciano Lombardi, Luigi Attademo), con accordion (with Jean François Beauchat), in mixed groups of strings (with Nicola Fiorino, Mario Nobile, Grigori Spektor, Antonella Piccenna, Pasquale Sansanelli, Miguel Ivo Cruz, Maxim Doujak, Fabio Biasi, Davide Alfano, Marilena Runza, Carlo Cabiddu, the Trio d’Archi di Cagliari, Eriko Tsuchihashi, Deborah Walker), winds (with Guido Arbonelli,Yuri Pankiv, Jane Cockshott, Valeri Kobiakin,
Michel Ross) and voices (con Candace Smith, Eulalia Mendes).