musical theater 

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Having been always fascinated by theater and all of its possible points of intersection with music, AGL has dedicated a significant part of her activities to contemporary musical theater, i.e., the study of the experiences of composers who since the 1960s have dedicated themselves to the expansion of creative possibilities generated from sounds to gestures, from corporality to music. Having trained as a performer at the courses taught by Annette Sachs of TEMV! In Brussels, and by the composers Vinko Globokar and Georges Aperghis, but also at the theater courses of Henrique Pardo of Panthéâtre in Paris (a school with which she has also collaborated as a musician), she has directed and performed in various spectacles of contemporary musical theater. Some significant examples include Letter to a stranger from the Song Books by John Cage, in collaboration with Alessandro Olla, Tama Kettar and Francesca Massa; and Room 186, a performance of the Italian premiere of Conversations by Georges Aperghis, in collaboration with Françoise Rivalland and A. Olla, produced by Ticonzero.

AGL has taught numerous courses of music and theater for children of primary and middle school ages (in Sicily and Sardinia), and has participated in diverse theatre pieces in the role of actress and/or writer.